Email Newsletters




by Jonathan Whitcomb



# 001 Skeptics on

           Write a web page rather than a book


# 002 March-2007 expedition: Paul Nation

          returned to the Tawa Village area of

          the mainland of Papua New Guinea.


# 003 Introduction to those new to the

          living-pterosaur investigations.

          Also: plans for a mid-2007 expedition

          to be led by Paul Nation.


# 004 New web pages, including YouTube-

          based pages on living pterosaurs.

          The newly published book “Big Bird!”

          (including a Texarkana, Arkansas sighting).

          Book: "Searching for Ropens," second edition.

          New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, has

          a Pterodactyloid candidate: Thank you to

          Garth Guessman for the interviews.

          Brian Hennessy, a psychologist, saw a

          “primitive” flying creature on Bougainville

          Island, Papua New Guinea, in 1971.


# 005 “Destination Truth” ropen episode on the

          Sci-Fi Channel (broadcast in mid-2007).

          Jonathan Whitcomb’s web page in response

          to that of Glen Kuban (a living-pterosaur

          skeptic) related to the Flying Fox fruit bat.


# 006 Jonathan Whitcomb was “delighted with

          the ropen episode of theDestination Truth

          series” broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel.

          “Searching for Ropens” book by Whitcomb.

          Introduction to Frigate-Bird misidentifications

          (related to the ropen of Papua New Guinea).


# 007 “Killing one Frigate Bird imposter with two stones.”

          New web site: “Live Pterosaur.”

          Eskin Kuhn's eyewitness report (link)

          South Carolina sighting by Susan Wooten (links)


# 008 The Passing of Scott Norman (cryptozoologist)

          Sighting by Scott Norman (2007, Western U.S.)

          Sightings in the Western United States