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by Jonathan Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs newsletter 007


February 21, 2008      


By Jonathan Whitcomb


To living-pterosaur investigators

and to those interested:




Killing one Frigate Bird imposter with two stones


Web pages of note (mostly new web pages):


  1) "Live Pterosaur"--this new site has many pages


  2) Eskin Kuhn's eyewitness report on


  3) Web sites covering the South Carolina sighting


  4) Other sites indirectly related to living pterosaurs




Killing the Frigate Bird Imposter


I know this was covered in the previous newsletter,

but it deserves emphasis: This needs to be put down.


This concerns the two-part "pterosaur type creature"

video so popular on Not only are there

many aspects in which it resembles a Frigate bird,

but there are things in the video which refute some

of the viewers assumptions about it being a ropen.


I looked closer and found that the beach scenery,

which is claimed to be in Papua New Guinea, looks

quite unlike any beach scene I observed in that

country. It is a barren landscape, with only a little

grass and no trees or bushes. In addition, there is

a telephone pole and a road cut out of the hillside.

Lastly telling are two cars but very few people.

(Where in Papua New Guinea would we see two cars

and almost no people? Few places in that country.)

All of these things resemble something other than

a beach in Papua New Guinea.


I have repeatedly tried to contact the person who

put up these two video segments. The weeks turned

into months without a reply. I now offer anyone

my ear: Is there any reasonable points that makes

this flying creature a non-Frigate bird? Does any

point resemble a ropen? Is there reason to think

that the beach is some strange beach in Papua

New Guinea, very unlike typical beaches there?




Web pages of note


1) "Live Pterosaur"


Here's a new site that takes a different approach

to the subject of living pterosaurs:


A third of the way down the page are "Internal Links,"

with the "Eyewitness Testimonies" link having another

level of branches. I'll just list those branches (each

page compares two eyewitness testimonies each):

     Hodgkinson's report is compared with Hennessy's.

     Hodgkinson's reports is compared with Wooten's

     (Susan Wooten is the eyewitness in the S.C. sighting)

     David Woetzel's report is compared with Jonah Jim's

     Jonathan Ragu's reports is compared with Jonah Jim's

     Gideon Koro's reports is compared with Jonah Jim's



Getting back to the home page, the other main branches

(other than "Eyewitness Testimonies") are:


"Theories and Philosophies related to live pterosaurs"

"Names: selko-bali, ropen, indava, duwas, wawanar (dragon)"

"Early Expeditions to find live pterosaurs"

"Critics Answered"




2) Eskin Kuhn's eyewitness report, see:

This is about the 1971 sighting in Cuba: seems to be

a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur.




3) Web sites covering the South Carolina sighting;

   Two pages on Susan Wooten's report:




4) Other sites indirectly related to living pterosaurs


     Dinosaurs Alongside Humans


     Bioluminescent Organisms (includes ropens)


     Papua New Guinea - Flora and Fauna (and cryptids)


     "Papua New Guinea" (with some of my photos)


     Darwin's Philosophy and Living Fossils



Thank you for your interest in living pterosaurs!


Please send me email addresses of those who might

like to receive these newsletters. Thanks!


Jonathan Whitcomb