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by Jonathan Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs newsletter 003


April 30, 2007       


To living-pterosaur investigators

and to those interested:


1) Introduction for new recipients

2) Preparations for mid-2007 expedition






For those new to living-pterosaurs investigations,

here are some important web pages as an introduction:


1) Pterosaurs Still Living (main page)


2) Summary of my own expedition into Papua New Guinea


3) Cryptozoology and Pterodactyls


4) Guessman-Woetzel expedition (late 2004)


5) What Happened To Pterosaurs? (Why believe in extinction?)


6) Some native eyewitnesses


7) An American eyewitness (World War II veteran)


8) An American explorer sees the ropen light





   Preparations for mid-2007 expedition



Here is an email I received from the pioneer

ropen investigator Paul Nation (April 20, 2007):




        Attention All Ropen Researchers - Interested Parties!!


 Have you wanted to be on the front line of the research in the field?


 Now is your chance to accomplish some research in relative comfort.


 On my fourth trip to Papua New Guinea March 07, I learned from Jim

 Blume that national pastors in the islands of Lasanga area have been

 seeing the glow  for years. However, they always considered the glow

 to be evil spirits and did not want to have anything to do with them. 

 Now  they have been educated into the Ropen research through Pastor

 Jacobs and others, they are not afraid of the glow anymore and have

 been willing to talk about their sightings. Just south of the area

 where in February 2007 the SciFi crew shoot the footage of a glowing

 ropen. There are many uninhabited islands here which need to be in-

 vestigated.. This definitely is an area worth investigating.


 In order to search these islands one would require the use of a banana

 boat for transportation. These boats are small and very unreliable

 transportation. Camping on the beach, fighting the mosquitoes, the

 heat and humidity,a very miserable way of doing research, I know first

 hand, (caught malaria and survived). No fun.


 However, doing some research while in Lae last trip I discovered “live

 aboard dive boats”.  These boats are chartered for scuba divers to enjoy

 the crystal clear waters surrounding Niugini. A “liveboard” has every-

 thing necessary for comfortable research. The mobility to move around

 the islands, air conditioned sleeping quarters, food supplies and pre-

 paration area, and most importantly, the ablity to anchor far enough

 off shore so the mosquitoes are not problematic while doing night viewing

 for new sightings. Then if a night sighting looks promising we can in-

 vestigate the spot during the day by dingy and foot.


 I found a 46 foot live aboard ship that caters to 6 divers at a time. 

 We would not be Scuba diving, although snorkeling is tremendous activity,

 super clear underwater viewing during the day.


 All expenses for 10 days of researching aboard the ship, with round trip

 airfare from LAX and return to LAX is estimated to be around $4500.00

 and involve 14 days. This will include everything but what you desire

 to purchase personally.


 Tentative date August 2007

 If this is something you or someone you know would be interested in doing,

 please e-mail me:  and I can explain more details, dates and pricing

 as it firms up.


 Paul G. Nation

 Ropen Researcher