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by Jonathan Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs newsletter 006


July 30, 2007      


By Jonathan Whitcomb


To living-pterosaur investigators

and to those interested:




Destination Truth broadcast (ropen episode)


"Searching for Ropens" second edition in print


Other web pages on living pterosaurs


Frigate Birds




Destination Truth broadcast (ropen episode)


I was delighted with the ropen episode of the

Destination Truth series (Sci-Fi Channel).

I have not yet obtained a copy of the footage

of the ropen-light. Having seen only what

everyone else saw of the broadcast, I cannot

give a 100% declaration that it was the light

from a ropen. I believe that it was a ropen,

however. It reminded me of Paul Nation's video

footage which was recorded just a few weeks

earlier (inland, to the west of the area that

was explored by the Destination Truth team).




"Searching for Ropens" second edition in print


The second edition of my book is now on sale

online. Please purchase directly from my

publisher, Wingspan Press. (The publisher's

name is an interesting coincidence for my

book) Purchasing through traditional online

suppliers like result in almost

no financial support for future editions

of the book, let alone future expeditions.


Here is the page for purchasing:


Their image of the front cover of the book

on the publishers web page may still be the

earlier cover edition; it makes no difference:

This is the second edition, although the cover

of the book you receive will have a uniform

background (blueberry).


Relevant web pages are:


My main page


Quotations from the second edition


Table of Contents


Questions and Answers


Enlarged image of the back cover


Comments from readers of the first edition




Other web pages on living pterosaurs


New or newly presented pages include two more

mini-video pages:


Whitcomb's 2004 expedition


Short version of Hodgkinson's interview


[Thank you to Garth Guessman for the above]


Another of my replies to Glen Kuban is here:




Frigate Birds


I don't think anyone receiving this email

newsletter has referred me to any videos, but:


I could become fatigued should more well-

meaning individuals send me references to

home videos of Frigate birds. I realize

that some believers in ropens know little

or nothing about Frigate birds. Please note

that when something is soaring, in daylight,

over a beach or school of fish, and the wings

resemble the wings of a Frigate bird, then we

need to consider it a Frigate bird, unless

there is something noteworthy that makes it

differ from ANY kind of Frigate bird. These

sea birds, in at least one variety, can have

a wingspan as great as eight feet, I believe.

They do have long tails and these tails do

not always appear forked (It depends on the

type and the angle of observation, I think).


In particular, when there is a white or a

light coloring on the throat or upper chest,

note that this is typical of at least the

females of at least some Frigate birds.


Having thus said, should you encounter any

video of a night scene with a flying creature

that has a head crest, disregard all of the

above and contact me. Thank you.


Thank you for your interest in living pterosaurs!


Jonathan Whitcomb