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by Jonathan Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs newsletter 004


June 08, 2007       


To living-pterosaur investigators

and to those interested:


It's been too many weeks since the last newsletter;

now there is almost too much news to cover at once.


Nine new web pages are listed below. I do not recommend

the YouTube site itself, but I have put up two web

pages with videos of eyewitnesses of the ropen. You

can watch the videos on my web pages without going

to the YouTube site (which seems to have many crude

and light-minded videos).


The newly published book "Big Bird!" has many sighting

reports. I noticed some inaccuracies but the report on

the Texarkana, Arkansas sighting by Shawn (page 55)

seems accurate, according to what the eyewitness told me.

I am grateful that Mr. Gerhard mentions my own book

twice in his book; nevertheless, he gives two titles

for my book, both of them inaccurate. I could give a

thorough book review but there's no time or space here.

"Big Bird" is a treasure chest of clues for future

living-pterosaur investigations in North America.


My own book, "Searching for Ropens," second edition,

is at the printers; it should be bound and ready to

ship as early as June 8th (to be optimistic). Please

encourage purchases through the publisher, Wingspan

Press. This gives at least eight times more funds

to future expeditions and living-pterosaur investi-

gations, compared with sales. Also, be

aware of the edition ordered: The revised expanded

second edition has three small ropens on the cover;

don't purchase the old original version with only

one medium-sized ropen on the front cover.


A new kind of pterosaur-candidate on New Britain

Island, Papua New Guinea, is investigated in the

new edition of my book (see link #3, below) This

seems to be a large Pterodactyloid. Thank you,

Garth (Guessman) for interviewing these three

eyewitnesses! This is wonderful news, although

the creature seems to a a non-ropen, for it does

not seem to have much of a tail, if any tail.

But who cares about the lack of a tail when we

have a new pterosaur-candidate: That's a tale!


Brian Hennessy, a psychologist who works in a

medical university in China, gives his account

of the "prehistoric" creature he saw on the

island of Bougainville in 1971. This is also

examined in the second edition of SFR. (see

link #5, below)


Paul Nation and I are hoping to get funding for

an expedition before the end of this year. We

cannot do this on our own, so please let us

know of any potential contributors for a major

ropen expedition in Papua New Guinea. There

will be more information on this in the next

email newsletter.


Thank you for your interest in living pterosaurs!


Jonathan Whitcomb





     New Web Pages


Here are some new web pages related to living pterosaurs:


1) Online video of three eyewitness of a flyover of

   the ropen (2004 interview) at Lake Pung, Umboi Island


2) Online video of Michael of Opai Village (regarding the

   grave robbery in Gomlongon in 1949; 2004 interview)


3) The New Britain Island creature (Papua New Guinea) seems

   to be a large Pterodactyloid pterosaur.


4) A few press releases on living dinosaurs and living pterosaurs


5) A psychologist saw, in 1971, a large flying creature that

   looked "prehistoric." This was on Bougainville Island, PNG


6) An updated links pages related to living dinosaurs, living

   pterosaurs, and dragons


7) Another links page on living pterosaurs (a long list of sites!)


8) Local Names for Living Pterosaurs


9) An overview of why to disbelieve in extinction and why to believe

   in living pterosaurs--this is a fresh approach to the subject.





   There may be an expedition later in 2007.

   Watch for the next newsletter for more information.