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by Jonathan Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs newsletter 001


March 20, 2007       


To living-pterosaur investigators

and to those interested:


After several years experience posting

to, I've come to a

few conclusions:


1) The managers of the site have been

   helpful in putting up a page on the

   ropen; also, books on living dinosaurs

   and pterosaurs have been listed on the

   front page of the site. The problem

   is not with management.


2) On occasion, someone will inquire

   about living-pterosaur investigations.

   I answer questions as best I can. These

   kind of postings, however, are the exception

   on Still, I look for such

   open-minded inquiries, on occasion.


3) The skeptics are numerous and generally both

   sarcastic and evasive to evidential issues.

   They prefer casting doubt on the honesty,

   intelligence, or motivations of the living-

   pterosaur investigators; they do not offer

   any sound reason for ancient extinctions, yet

   they insist on immediate clear images of the

   creatures that both eyewitnesses and visual

   images show are real.


4) Comments which are both sarcastic and insulting

   should be ignored, in my opinion. Why? Intelligent

   readers usually recognize the weakness of the

   skeptics approach, so they are free to look into

   other web sites: pages that are devoted to evidence.

   In addition, the skeptics themselves are not likely

   to make any changes in their own thinking while they

   are trying to think of the next sarcastic remark.


5) I feel strongly that anyone who has any inclination

   to write about the evidence for living pterosaurs is

   a person who should write about it. I encourage it.

   One teenager (Phillip O'Donnell) has written a book

   on living dinosaurs and pterosaurs. After I have

   spent about 1700 hours writing the first and second

   editions of my own book, however, I do not recommend

   that everybody should write a book. Write a web page.

   Link to web pages about living pterosaurs. Let others

   know about your web page. Let them link to yours.


I'll continue writing and revising web pages. I'll continue

trying to get attention to this wonderful news: Pterosaurs

are alive and well. Wonders! Truth is better than fiction.

I'm delighted to be involved in these investigations.


Jonathan Whitcomb