Creation: Strength

One scientific advantage of using the creation model is in the data available in scriptures. In Genesis alone, early human history includes a brief outline of creation and a slightly more detailed account of the Flood of Noah, including preservation of species. The Flood model provides foundations for scientific investigations: In biology, potential genetic bottlenecks (around 5500 years ago) may provide enlightenment regarding micro-evolution; macro-evolution, on the other hand, is put into question by an apparent recent arrival of life on earth. The Flood model also explains why so much of the earth is made up of sedimentary deposits.

Creation: Weakness

Even scriptures that elucidate literal truth about origins may be misinterpreted. A classic example of misapplying Biblical scriptures is shown in the academic atmosphere surrounding Galileo: A few scriptures were used to support the philosophy of Aristotle regarding an apparent earth-centered universe. This resulted in the promulgation of the false idea that the sun revolves around the earth. Those few Biblical scriptures that seemed to support the idea were weak evidence in themselves; but the popularity of Aristotle tipped the scales in favor of an erroneous idea. Those using the creation model need to avoid misapplying scripture.

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