Still Living

Clean-Water Project

Helping Natives on Umboi Island
Equipment needs to be purchased and transported to Umboi Island to allow the inhabitants to drill and pump water to their villages. Contributions are needed and appreciated.
Drinking Water: Opai and Gomlongon
Both Paul Nation and Jonathan Whitcomb promised natives
of Opai Village and Gomlongon Village that they would try
to find American funding for water-well drilling on Umboi
Island (west of New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea).
Consallen Water Wells and Hand Pumps
Villagers Help Ropen Investigators
Many natives of Gomlongon and Opai (villages in south-
central Umboi Island) have given American explorers much
help in looking for the ropen. These villagers spend much
of their time walking down a steep jungle trail to get safe
drinking water. After all the help that they have given to
American cryptozoologists, it seems only fair that those
who have the means to help these natives do so.
Please contact Paul Nation: nationusa-[atsign]
or Jonathan Whitcomb: whitcombvideo-[atsign]