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Umboi Island Eyewitnesses
David Moke, of Opai Village, Umboi Island, was shocked at the bright flash lighting up
the reef where he was fishing one night. Investigators believe that the light came from the giant bioluminescent pterosaur-like ropen.
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Marfa Mystery Lights of Texas - They may be similar to ropens 
For years, villagers of Umboi Island have seen the ropen light flying to or from the larger mountains, in particular Mount Bel. Some describe the light as lasting only about five seconds.
Gideon Koro related how he was terrified at the sight of the giant ropen that flew over Lake Pung (around 1994). He and his friends were only children when they had climbed up to the crater lake on Siassi (Umboi) Island.
Three American explorers; Jonathan Whitcomb, Garth Guessman, and David Woetzel; interviewed Jonah Jim regarding his ropen sighting. He saw more than the glow: He saw the pterosaur-shape and long tail.
Lab Lab is on the east coast of Umboi Island; here a cargo-passenger ship stops once a week. At Lab Lab, a government official once saw the flying ropen light.
(See "Umboi Official Sees Ropen Light.")
Guessman and Woetzel had a fine view of Lake Pung when they camped on Mount Tolo in 2004. Some-
times the ropen flies over Lake Pung.
Before Woetzel and Guessman had arrived at
the crater lake, Woetzel had a sighting of the
ropen light: In fact, it flew towards that lake.
Leonard, of Opai Village, sees the glow of the ropen fly over his village once a month. Like the sighting by David Woetzel, only the glow was visible, without any clear shape observed. (Opai is close to Gomlongon.)
Near Lake Pung
Crater lake "Pung"
Leonard was interviewed by Woetzel and Guessman
in 2004, in or near Opai Village, Umboi Island, PNG.