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Pterodactyloid pterosaur

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2004 Expedition


Opai Village


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News wire about living pterodactyls in PNG

Western belief in pterosaur extinction

Duwas and ropen of Papua New Guinea

Press Release: Ptero-saur-like creatures

Questions & Answers

Quotations from the book Searching for Ropens

Dragons & Pterosaurs

Credibility of Umboi Island eyewitnesses

Flying Dinosaurs in Papua New Guinea

Living Pterodactyls

Legends in Papua New Guinea are different from eyewitness accounts of sightings

Photo of Paul Nation exploring Umboi Is.

Evolutionary Boundary” investiga-tion by Whitcomb

Introduction to the Evolutionary Boundary

A Rhamphorhynchoid flying over Lake Pung

Video of Two Indava Lights


“ . . .fourteen seconds of a video taken in Papua New Guinea are of two bioluminescent pterosaurs. A physicist who analyzed the video found no commonplace explanation and no refutation of the claim.”


Expert Analysis of the two Indava Lights


“Computer Image Processing of the Paul Nation Video”


Pterosaurs in the Bible


“Sauropods and Plesiosaurs are not the only dinosaurs / reptiles mentioned in Scripture. Isaiah 30:6 tells of a flying reptile like the pteranodon or Rhamphorhynchus.”


Flood of Noah Relates to Live Pterosaurs


“Creationists, yes those Bible-believing Christians often labeled

“fundamentalists” were the first ones exploring the remote jungles

of Umboi Island.”


Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?

(Paranormal Phenomena)


. . . “pterosaurs . . . until they died out with

the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. Or

did they? There have been many modern-day

sightings of creatures . . . like pterosaurs.”


A Pterosaur Report from Houston, Texas

By Ken Gerhard


“I interviewed Richard Guzman of southeast Houston,

regarding an unidentified flying animal” . . .



(Genesis Park pages of David Woetzel)


"Shortly after World War II, as Western missionaries began to

penetrate the deep jungles and . . . islands of Papua New Guinea" . . . (also includes a reference to Duane Hodgkinson)


Living Pterodactyls Haunt our Skies


David Hatcher Childress, founder of the World Explorers’ Club,

believes in living pterodactyls.


Overview of Living Pterosaur Investigations


“From 1994 through 2004, at least six Americans have explored

Umboi Island (Papua New Guinea), searching for a [nocturnal]

pterosaur-like creature called ‘ropen’.”


Dinosaurs In Literature, History and Art


. . . it is . . . difficult to identify pterosaur representations

from ancient representations from art. . . we believe that a

positive pterosaur identification can be made . . .


The Cryptid Ogopogo


“In South-Central British Columbia, in Lake Okanagan,

lives something local people call ‘Ogopogo.’”


More on the Lake Monster in Canada


An episode of “Proof Positive” regarding Ogopogo

is evaluated and the lake monster idea is sound.


Purchase the book Searching for Ropens


Possible Pterodactyloid seen on New Britain

Island in Papua New Guinea


Psychologist himself sees a living pterosaur




The common word for “pterosaur” is “pterodactyl.”

This flying creature is not considered a dinosaur,

although dinosaurs and pterosaurs are often

thought of together.


These resources are related to the concept that

pterosaurs are not extinct but still living.

updated April 12, 2008

Papua New Guinea


Flora and Fauna of

Papua New Guinea

Birds, bats, butterflies, and pterosaurs

(including living things of Indonesian

Papua, formerly called West Papua)


Books about Papua

New Guinea

General PNG and also books on the

languages of PNG.


Facts about

Papua New Guinea

Travel, Geography, and Language


Introduction to

Papua New Guinea

with links to subjects that include:

birds, living pterosaurs, cryptozoology,

and languages of Piugini



Sites indirectly related

to live pterosaurs


Bioluminescent Owls


Clean Water Project

on Umboi Island,

Papua New Guinea


The Living Coelacanth


Living Fossils and



Books on Strange or

Paranormal Subjects


Hope for Those Who

Grieve for a Pet


After-life or NDE (near-death-

experience related to dogs)

small Pterodactyloid pterosaurPterodactyloid pterosaur