Pterosaurs  Still  Living

First Interview of Gideon

Island boy frightened by ropen!


A few years before this interview, when he was a

child, Gideon and some other boys went to a lake

on their island.  He described how one very large

creature (they call it “ropen”) flew over the water.

The boys ran home in terror.


This videotaped interview was examined by the

forensic videographer, Jonathan Whitcomb, CCV,

who made an  analysis of the  believability of the

young man’s testimony.  Whitcomb claims this

testimony is extremely credible.


Contrary to some claims, the idea that pterosaurs

still live on some islands of Papua New Guinea is

not well countered by any reference to the large

bat know as “flying fox”.  On the islands where

there are accounts and testimonies of very large

flying creatures, the natives are perfectly aware

of flying foxes. They have another name for this

large bat, but locals use the word “ropen” for a

larger nocturnal flying creature that is a predator

and scavenger. The witnesses who describe the

ropen, have obviously not been seeing a flying

fox or any other known bat. (What is a ropen?)


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Gideon, go to:

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This interview took place not many years after Gideon was

terrified at the sight of the ropen flying over a crater lake.

The two translators were convinced of the truthfulness

of the young man’s testimony about the large ropen.

Gideon nervously recounted his experience:

a rare daytime sighting of a giant creature

All things considered, the facial

expressions of this young man

are very likely due to his honestly

retelling a frightening experience.

Two translators were used. They were both experienced

in this type of interview. They believed his testimony.

“The demeanor of this witness is truly

impressive.” J. Whitcomb, Certified

Court Videographer  (AGCV)