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By Jonathan Whitcomb

Issues 001-008 (first eight newsletters)

Here are detailed contents of the first eight newsletters.
Note highlights:
Paul Nation's March-2007 expedition, returning to the
Tawa Village area to look for indavas
(genuine indava lights)
Introduction to living-pterosaur investigations
New Britain Island pterosaurs
Destination Truth (ropen episode)
Introduction toFrigate-Bird misidentifications
Killing one Frigate Bird imposter with two stones
The Passing of Scott Norman

Issue 009   May 12, 2008
Sighting in Spain
"In Eastern Spain, on a summer-2007 night, . . . something gliding over their
campsite. . . . . "no feathers." The creature had a long thin tail, "held out
perfectly straight behind it."
Documentary film: "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"
"Contrary to what some critics try to portray, this documentary has been
highly acclaimed; that acclaim has come from the viewing public"
Issue 010   Aug 15, 2008
Sightings and Investigations on West Coast
There are now three  living-pterosaur investigations happening in at
least two West Coast states of the U.S..
Bat-Ropen Connection (Ropens Eat Bats)
"At least some of the creatures observed in the United States (creatures
that suggest living pterosaurs) may be flying around with bats at night
because they're catching bats."
Issue 011   Sep 4, 2008
Investigations in Southern California, continued
Bat-Ropen Connection, continued
Issue 012   Sep 30, 2008
Introduction to Living-Pterosaur Investigations
Lines of Influence
Near Collision Over Indonesia
Investigation in Georgia (U.S.A.)
Issue 013   Feb 6, 2009
More Introduction to Living-Pterosaur Expeditions
Florida Sighting Around 2002
Philippines Sighting Around 1994
New Insights Into Early History of LP Investigations
New Web Sites (Including non-English pages)
Issue 014   Apr 10, 2009
New Book to be Published Soon
Elimination of Hoax-Explanation (U.S. sightings)
More New Web Sites (more non-English, too)
Still Living