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Ohio Sighting On the Front Page of a Newspaper
Read about the Antwerp Rhamphorhynchoid sightings here:
Scientific Paper on the Ropen
scientific paper on reports of apparent living pterosaurs has been published in the *Creation Research Society Quarterly, Volume 45, # 45. Jonathan Whitcomb's article, "Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific," includes detailed analysis of eyewitness accounts. *(peer-reviewed).
Refutation of Hoax Hypothesis
Soon after the two ropen expeditions of 2004 (to Umboi Island) a very few critics insinuated that reports of living pterosaurs come from a hoax or hoaxes. This hoax-idea has now been refuted by Jonathan Whitcomb. While writing his latest soon-to-be-published nonfiction book, "Live Pterosaurs in America," he analyzed data from many eyewitness reports of apparent pterosaurs in the United States. The wingspan estimates, given by some but not all of the eyewitnesses, were far different from what would be expected from a hoax or hoaxes.
Ropen reported near Indonesia
The pilot and copilot of a small plane reported a near collision with a strange non-bird near Indonesia. The pilot first thought he was on a collision-course with another airplane, but when they passed it, there was a slow flapping of wings. It was obviously no airplane. The sighting was reported to Jonathan Whitcomb, in 2008.