Press Releases on Living

Dinosaurs and Living Pterosaurs

Cryptozoology involves searching for elusive creatures unclassified by Western science. Sometimes the quest is for a creature that seems to be a dinosaur or pterosaur; here, for investigators, a sharp boundary can separate apparent-foolishness from apparent-genius. Consider these news releases on living dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Text Box: Glowing Pterosaur-like Creature
Seen in Papua New Guinea

July 7, 2006: The glowing form seen one night in 2004, in Papua New Guinea, by a New Hampshire businessman, was probably a pterosaur, according to the newly published book Searching for Ropens.

Whitcomb's Book, Searching For Ropens, Asserts Pterodactyl Reported In Papua New Guinea
August 14, 2006: A study by a forensic videographer suggests that the "pterodactyl" described by the World War II veteran Duane Hodgkinson is a real creature that lives in coastal areas of Papua New Guinea. 

Author Jonathan Whitcomb Reports Glowing Creatures Videotaped In Papua New Guinea

February 7, 2007: Investigators declare that fourteen seconds of a video taken in Papua New Guinea are of two bioluminescent pterosaurs. A physicist who analyzed the video found no commonplace explanation and no refutation of the claim.

New Kind of Pterodactyl-like Creatures Reported in Papua New Guinea

May 29, 2007: Leathery-skinned creatures with pointed head crests fly over the interior of an island in Papua New Guinea, according to three American eyewitnesses . . . the flying creatures may resemble Pteranodons.

December 10, 1981: The American biologist who went to Africa in search of a dinosaur-like animal has returned with accounts of what might be a new species of snake and of strange footprints in the jungle, but without success in finding the legendary mokele-mbembe. [purchase required for the full article]

Police hunt 'dinosaur' in PNG

March 12, 2004: Reports a live dinosaur had been sighted on a volcanic island of Papua New Guinea prompted the deployment of heavily-armed police in search of the mystery creature. 

Villagers in the superstitious island province of East New Britain this week said they fled in terror after seeing a three-metre tall, grey-coloured creature with a head like a dog and a tail like a crocodile. 

The monster detectives: on the trail of the ninki-nanka

July 12, 2006: Once, the komodo dragon was thought to exist only in folklore. What other mythical beasts might we find if we look hard enough? Helen Brown meets the man on the trail of the ninki-nanka

Hunt for Gambia's mythical dragon

July 14, 2006: A team of UK dragon-hunters is on an expedition in the Gambia to track down a mysterious creature known locally as the "Ninki-nanka." . . . live in swamps . . .

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