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Carvings - Pterosaurs Still Living

This carving seems to be of a witch-
doctor with a strange creature above
and behind him, biting his headpiece
These carvings (in Papua New Guinea) may be useful to cryptozoologists. Some believe that it represents pterosaur or pterosaur-like creatures known as “ropen” on Umboi Island. Artistic license may be relevant in these depictions, for the artist who made it may not have been an eyewitness (perhaps just using somebody else's descriptions).
Special thanks to the Garth Guessman for the use of this photo.   Copyright 2004, Garth Guessman
The folk art of Papua New Guinea shown here is believed, by some of the researchers, to have been inspired by a species of living Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur. For those interested in cryptozoology, it is known by many names: ropen, duwas, seklo-bali, indava, and wawanar. This creature is seen more in coastal areas of Papua New Guinea, although the indava is reported deep in the interior of the mainland.
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