Pterosaurs  Still  Living

Gideon’s Testimony



updated August 21, 2006

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When asked how many ropens he saw,

Gideon said that there was “only one.”

When asked about the ropen’s mouth, Gideon

thought for a moment and replied: “crocodile”

Gideon was also very clear

that there were “no feathers.”

When asked about the length of the tail,

Gideon thought for awhile and then

said positively, “seven meters”.

When asked if the wings of the creature were

like those of a “byung” or “blak bokus”

(Flying Fox), Gideon was very affirmative.

According to the book Searching for Ropens, Gideon Koro presented himself well as a credible eyewitness. His mannerisms matched his words in a way expected of a truthful eyewitness. Some details of the ropen’s appearance were not noticed and Gideon admitted that did not know all the answers. Two other eyewitnesses confirmed his report about the giant ropen flying over Lake Pung. The ropen has often been seen near this crater lake (on Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea) or flying toward or away from it.