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Scott Norman's Pterosaur Sighting
In the second half of 2007, living-pterosaur investigators were active in a new sighting area. The location they kept secret but it's known to be on the west coast of the United States. Some of the men had been on cryptozoological expeditions in Africa or Papua New Guinea, including Scott Norman.
On one of the first nights of observation, Scott stayed up later than the other researchers. He'd been skeptical after watching an unclear video that others thought might be a pterosaur; he was sure it was just a bird. But in the early morning hours of July 19th, he saw something large fly nearby: no bird.
Silent, with stars for a background, the dark creature flew twenty feet high, over a shed only twenty feet from Scott. Although it was dark, there was no mistaking it: a wingspan of eight to ten feet, a head three to four feet long, and a two-foot-long head-crest that reminded him of a Pteranodon. The wings were more bat-like than bird-like.
How does this sighting relate to the ropen sightings in Papua New Guinea? Investigators were attracted to this area in the Western United States by a familiar eyewitness description: Flashes of light that often look like meteors but occasionally look different. Also, the landowner, who allowed the men to search on his property, had seen a large ropen-like creature in daylight.
It seems that Scott Norman is the first American cryptozoologist
to see the clear form of a living pterosaur while looking for one.
A few months after his historic sighting, he fell ill; to the sorrow of many friends, relatives, and cryptozoology associates, Scott left this world for a better, where extinction itself is extinct and where life never ends.
Scott Norman's passing, on February 29th, just days before he would have turned forty-four, caused a partial disclosure of the secret living-pterosaur searches in the Western U.S.. Investigations continued through 2007 and into 2008, but the landowner insists on location-secrecy. By early 2009, some trespasser had fired a
gun at one of the creatures. The landowner has no desire for any curious crowds, even if they trespassed with no guns.
Many areas of the United States have had their sightings: New
Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South
Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York State, Ohio, Wisconsin, and
California. Reports continue to come in about pterosaurs.
The cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb continues to interview
eyewitnesses of ropen-like creatures seen in the United States.
He encourages cryptozoological investigations across the U.S.
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