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Pterosaurs Are Alive


In the Southwest Pacific

Pterodactyloid pterosaurRhamphorhynchoid pterosaur

Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, is not the only place in the Southwest Pacific where people see pterosaurs or pterosaur-like flying creatures. Most sightings are of a creature with a long tail and no sign of feathers.


Two Australians saw a giant reptilian animal flying over Perth, Australia, in 1997. Both the husband and wife were sure that it was a living creature with a very long tail.


A Baptist minister, Jakob (Jacob) Kepas has had two sightings in his life: As a boy, he saw a seklo-bali fly over his village; as a man looking for that kind of animal, he saw a large creature that was sleeping with its head under its wing: an indava.

The “New Britain Creature” seems to be a Pterodactyloid, perhaps even a Pteranodon. Three Americans saw the creatures flying in daylight over a period of many months (in Piugini).

Eyewitnesses of large featherless flying creatures

Jim Blume, missionary in Papua New Guinea for many years

Jim Blume’s sighting of a glowing form (Manus Is.)

Pastor Jacob Kepas describes the giant flying seklo-bali

Pastor Jakob Kepas and the giant

seklo-bali of the Piugini Mainland

map of Australia with the city of Perth circled
Finschhafen harbor area, Papua New Guinea

“Piugini,” meaning Papua New Guinea, is the word used by the people who live in that country.

Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur