Leonard Sees the Ropen

In 2004, Garth Guessman and David Woetzel interviewed Leonard, of Opai Village, Umboi Island. He sees the ropen fly over Opai about once a month. Jonathan Whitcomb, another ropen investigator, noted that these villages have no community electricity and so most of the people spend much of the night hours indoors. Flyovers by the ropen would go unnoticed† except by an occasional few villagers walking at night or fishing with flashlights.

Searching for Ropens, second edition


The ropen seems unrelated to barn owl bioluminescence or Min Mins.

Pterosaurs Still Living, Home††††††††† Umboi Island Eyewitnesses††††††††† Web Map††††††††† Bioluminescent Ropen††††††††† Other Eyewitnesses on Umboi Island

Eyewitness account of the apparently bioluminescent ropen;

investigators believe itís a giant living Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur

The creature flies from Mount Bel . . .

and continues flying towards the sea.

Read much more about these incredible eyewitness accounts in the book Searching for Ropens (revised, 2007) by Jonathan Whitcomb. Not just a cryptozoological report but a spiritual perspective is presented within an adventure story: A middle-aged American explores a remote island in Papua New Guinea, searching for living pterosaurs (AKA pterodactyls).


This creationist book supports a Bible-based perspective on origins and Godís preservation of life (Flood of Noah).


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