Still Living

Pastor Jacob Kepas was interviewed
by Garth Guessman on the Papua New
Guinea mainland in October of 2004

(In Papua New Guinea, "Jacob" may be spelled "Jakob")
Jacob Kepas was 12 years old when he saw a strange huge creature fly over his village. The villagers knew what it was: “seklo-bali” or “he who carries his bed around with him.” Some American investigators believe that this relates to reports that the creatures carry giant clams from the sea to inland areas where they eat them (a giant clam could, at a distance, resemble a villager's bed). Some of the American investigators, such as Garth Guessman, David Woetzel, and Jonathan Whitcomb, think that the seklo-bali (known in another area as "ropen") is a pterosaur (commonly called "pterodactyl") with intrinsic bioluminescence.
Jacob  noticed  only  a few  features of  the creature (it flew too fast). He did remember that it was glowing.
Mary Blume (interpreter) and Garth Guessman interview Paster Jakob Kepas on his childhood sighting of a giant “seklo-bali.” 
The glowing creature flew over Jacob's village on the mainland of Papua New Guinea, near the city of Wau.
In November of 2006, Jacob Kepas and Paul Nation (from Granbury, Texas) explored the mainland interior of Papua New Guinea. Several seconds of video footage were obtained of two bioluminescent indavas, which  investigators believe are the same kind of creature called elsewhere “ropen” and “seklo-bali.”
Back of the book Searching for Ropens, (Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea), by Jonathan Whitcomb--This is the expanded second edition.
Nonfiction, the first of its kind, the book delves into the philosophies related to belief and disbelief in modern living pterosaurs. Many eyewitness accounts are here.