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Does a living pterodactyl fly over Papua New Guinea?

Mainland Papua New Guinea with Umboi Island

Finschhafen, on Papua New Guinea mainland, south of Umboi Island

Umboi Island

During World War II, an American soldier walked into a clearing near Finschhafen (New Guinea) with his buddy. Soon after entering the clearing, a wild pig (probably startled by the men) ran through the clearing and then a large “Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, interviewing seventeen credible eyewitnesses. He was followed to the island by two other Americans who obtained significant new information. After analyzing and comparing these many evidences, Whitcomb concluded that the kind of creature seen by Hodgkinson in 1944 is very similar to the ropen of Umboi Island.


Parts of the survey-questionnaire results are on these pages:


PSL Identification Evaluation # 1 (Question “A”)

Appendage Length


PSL Identification Evaluation # 1 (Question “C”)

Confirming Appendage Length


Question “E”

Sharpness of the mouth/beak/snout


Question “F”

Length of the neck


Whitcomb noted that Hodgkinson’s deportment during the videotaped interview and his demeanor while describing his sighting suggested that he was mentally healthy and honestly described a real experience. He is one of a number of reliable eyewitnesses.

Finschhafen Harbor area of Papua New Guinea

Near Finschhafen Harbor

survey sketch of head of "pterodactyl"

A simplistic sketch of “pterodactyl” seen by D.H. in 1944 (New Guinea) —it’s to show relative sizes of mouth, appendage, and neck, and the sharpness of the mouth.

composite sketch of ropen pterosaur

The 2007 composite sketch of the ropen (apparently a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur)

Duane Hodgkinson’s sighting was near Finschhafen.

Thank you, Duane, for your contributions to

living-pterosaur investigations!

book Searching for Ropens front cover second editionnonfiction book Searching for Ropens back cover

Read more about Duane Hodgkinson and many other eyewitnesses in the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens, second edition, by Jonathan Whitcomb (Creationist).