Pterosaurs Still Living

PSL Identification Evaluation: Question "F"

Live Pterosaur Seen by Duane Hodgkinson
near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

During a lull in military activities near Finschhafen, New Guinea, in 1944, Duane Hodgkinson saw what he described as a “pterodactyl” as it flew up into the air and circled around a clearing where he and his army buddy were standing. He was interviewed in 2004 and 2005 by Jonathan David Whitcomb and by Garth Guessman.
Administered to D.Hodgkinson (living in Montana) in August 2004 (received by Whitcomb by mail). The purpose of this question “F” is to determine the approximate neck length (in relationship to the mouth/beak/snout length). The question for Hodgkinson was "Do any of these seem close to the length of the neck? If so, which one?"
None of the sketches of the pterodactyl-like creature were drawn by Hodgkinson (all were by Whitcomb). The final result was used in the composite sketch of the head; that drawing was used in the book "Searching for Ropens" as a general guide to head-appearance.
This page (F) of the questionnaire is only for determining the sharpness of the beak or snout. Please do not assume that any other aspect of these sketches accurately depicts the creature's appearance. (Each page is meant to gain better knowledge of one aspect of the appearance of whatever the U.S. veteran saw, in 1944, near Finschhafen.)
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