Pterosaurs Still Living

PSL Identification Evaluation: Question "C"

Live Pterosaur Seen by Duane Hodgkinson
in Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

When Duane Hodgkinson saw the creature fly up from the jungle clearing (near Finschhafen, New Guinea, 1944) he thought of the pterodactyl in the Ally Oop cartoon strip (popular newspaper cartoon of the mid-20th Century).

Question “C” (similar to the previous question "A") was to find
the comparative length of the appendage of the "pterodactyl."
The question given to him was "On this page only, which is closest to what you saw:" Hodgkinson circled "11" and "12" (long) and added: "If the beak was up more either (11) or (12) would be representitive.” This seems to coorelate with his answer to "A"
(a long head appendage).
Hodgkinson's description of the creature he saw in 1944 bears a
striking resemblence to the description given by Brian Hennessy,
who saw a "prehistoric" flying creature flying over Bougainville in
1971. Hennessy is a professional psychologist, not himself crazy.
Other aspects of these drawings should not to be taken as similar to the appearance of the "pterodadctyl" reported by Hodgkinson (the images were not drawn by him).  Each page is meant to elucidate one aspect of the appearance of the creature (live pterosaur or “pterodactyl.”) Page "C," like "A," only relates to head-appendage length.
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