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Apparent ropen in California wildlife refuge
An apparent ropen sighting in California is being investigated by Jonathan Whitcomb (author of the book "Live Pterosaurs in America"). According to an anonymous eyewitness, a very large creature, in daylight, in August of 2007, flew over the wildlife refuge, crossing a road in front of the car that the eyewitness was driving.
He described the ropen-like creature: about 30 feet long, with a straight tail 15-16 feet long. It flew about 20 feet high, towards a cluster of trees near the wetlands of the wildlife sanctuary or refuge. The creature, which was dark gray or black, had no feathers; he was sure it was featherless.
The location will remain secret while Whitcomb investigates the sighting: at least through the summer of 2008.
Anza-Boreggo Desert (California) sighting
Dear Mr. Whitcomb: [emails in mid-2007]
I have been haunted for close to 20 years by what I saw in the desert. I have never told anyone due to the fact that I was afraid I would be thought nuts. . . . Anyway I can't tell you what a relief it is to know I am not alone.
We did four-wheel -drive everywhere we went in the three days we were out there [in the Anza-Boreggo Desert]. We would pack our provisions and head out at dawn and would not return to base untill close to sundown. . . . To the best of my recollection it was in the spring, maybe March or May I am not sure. . . . [it was] almost sundown . . . . We were sitting in the late afternoon shade of a ridge on lawn chairs injoying the solitude and peace and quiet of the desert when it passed over. I caught the sight of it with the corner of my eye and looked up, it was soaring along the side of a plateau not far from us. We new what it looked like. In fact I remember saying . . . "That looks just like a Taradactyl." [pterodacyl] . . . I grabbed the binoculars and looked for myself. What I saw was large and very much a alive. . . . It seemed to soar like a large raptor. The back of the head was pointed . . . it had to have been at lot larger than an eagle maybe three times larger.
Southern California Sighting
After returning from Papua New Guinea, Whitcomb received an email from a California man whose family had been shocked by the appearance of an apparent "pterodactyl."
Email from A.P. to Whitcomb:
I'm just a bit curious as to wether you've heard of any sightings in the U.S., particularly southern california.  Yesterday (3/27/05) my father-in-law and a friend of his were on their way over to my mom's house for an Easter gathering. When they arrived they were very excited about seeing what they could only describe as a pterodactyl like creature.  They said it was about the size of a Cesna (small plane).
Their story sparked a couple of other fellow party goers to come forth with their accounts.  One included a large flying creature that stopped for a drink at a friend of the families home in the hills . . . as she peered out the back window, she saw a big winged "thing" drinking out of her pool.  By the time she was able to get her camera it had flown off.
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Cryptozoology Book
Revised Edition
According to the nonfiction cryptozoology book, the apparent Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur flew from this area just north of the university of California at Irvine.
The giant flying creature flew over this road in Orange Co. in Southern California in the summer of 2007. It flew into the San Juaquin Wildlife Preserve.