Marriage and Family

God ordained marriage between a man and a woman. This is central to the Creator’s purpose for his sons and daughters. Within this true order of marriage new life can be created. In addition, children can be raised by loving parents who can carry on this God-given purpose. No other institution created or imagined by any human can provide such a caring environment for the children. It is in this, the husband-wife relationship, that God commands us to raise children.

Political pressure, recently more active in the United States, to change the meaning of the word “marriage,” cannot undue the laws of God in regard to the powers of creating human life. No distorted and foolish law of any society can undo what God has created for our benefit: legal union of husband and wife. No feeling of same-sex attraction can ever void God's purposes and commandments, "homosexual" politics notwithstanding.

None of this is meant to show any disrespect to anyone who
experiences same-gender attraction (often labeled "gay" or
"homosexual,"). In the poem "True Marriage," by Whitcomb:

Bide the time. Alter not love, when a passion assails.
The lonely oak, against the storm, unmoved,
Now bending away from the sea,
Will someday rest, at home across that depth. . . .

The "lonely oak" refers to those experiencing same-gender attraction who use self control to refrain from any sexual activity that is forbidden by God. Those individuals will, after the trial
of mortal life, "someday rest" in a better world.

Remember: The family (and the ideal includes a husband and wife) is central to God’s purpose for humanity.
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