A Preliminary Investigation into
An Evolutionary Boundary

Totaling Levels 1, 2, & 3 Groups With Identical IS and PAES

At the end of the first "year", 2-C is at  1.07998659*10e21  or  1079986590*10e12
                                                3-B is at 5.80922992*10e13  or  58.0922992*10e12
                                                3-D is at  6.45130858*10e12
This totals 1079986654.54360778*10e12 or about 1.08*10e21

At the end of the first "year", 3-F is at 5.99050083*10e10           
                                               3-H is at 5.39428494*10e11      or 53.9428494*10e10
This totals 5.993335023*10e11 or about  6*10e11   

At the end of the first "year", 3-C is at 5.86530715*10e14
                                               3-G  is at 5.86530716*10e14
This totals 11.73061431*10e14  or about  1.1731*10e15

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